The most difficult game of the year!

Unravel the mystery, escape the demon, and survive in just 6 days. Use your computer to solve puzzles and stay alive. A haunting horror experience that will stay with you long after you play.


About this Game

Will you manage to escape the nightmare?

Trapped in an office, immobilized in a chair, you face a terrifying reality. Two doors and a window are the potential entry points for a demon that relentlessly hunts you. Your only allay is a computer, your gateway to a labyrinthine network of secrets and dangers. Through cameras, the Tor browser, and hidden websites, you are called upon to unravel the mystery that surrounds you and escape the nightmare. You have only 6 days at your disposal to reach the truth, solving puzzles and searching in the dark corners of the internet. Your fight for survival will not be easy. The demon lurks, ready to devour you. Monitor the cameras with a watchful eye to spot it, close the doors wisely, and manage your energy carefully. Prepare for sudden appearances that will take your breath away. Sound will become your worst enemy, filling your ears with terrifying messages. Will you manage to escape the nightmare? Or will you be lost forever in the darkness?

alpha version 0.9.0


How Six Days

was creaded?

The first idea

As brothers and huge fans of horror games, particularly Five Nights at Freddy's, our game shows its influence while adding our unique touch. We offer a distinctive horror experience with original elements and a captivating storyline. Our atmosphere, characters, and gameplay mechanics set us apart, delivering a new dimension of horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


In this storyline, we follow Jonathan before his death as he begins to investigate the cult that his brother Christian was involved with. Just like in "The Devil's Face," the actions of our protagonists in "Six Days" have serious consequences. This is another one of our games with a rich and deep story that requires time to fully unfold. Take your time and read carefully; you might not uncover all the hidden secrets.

Connecting stories

As you may have noticed, we love games with rich stories. We are drawn to the mystery hidden in the darkness and fascinated by the unknown, which is why our games embody these elements. However, don't be misled by the title or genre of each game we create. Whether it's horror or strategy, there will always be something hidden, patiently waiting to be revealed.

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